& The Rights of Man

by Mr. Guelph

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(free) 01:05


released December 26, 2014

Justin Slater - Vox, Guitars
Clint Hoekstra - Percussion, Bass, Vox

All songs by Justin Slater and Clint Hoekstra
Recorded, mixed and pressed @ Clint's Haus in 2014




Mr. Guelph Edmonton, Alberta

& His Profligate Sons

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Track Name: The Apology
I am as I am and so will I be.
But how that I am. None know it truly.
Be it evil, be it well, in bonds or free.
I am as I am and so will I be.
So will I die…
There may be those who take delight
Judging of others through envy and spite.
Never understanding, try as they might.
I am as I am and so do I write.
So will I die…
And from this mind, I will not flee.
But to you all that misjudge me:
I protest as you may see.
I am as I am and so will I be.
Track Name: Economics
Politicians love Keynesian theory.
The reasons for this are laid out clearly.
Authoritarians get to claim compassion.
Their booms will bust and then it’s time for action.
In this age of universal deceit, the most revolutionary act is telling the truth.
This theory comes from a death of thought.
Taking everything until you rot.
Claiming not to be at fault
for this economic assault.
In this age of universal deceit, the most revolutionary act is telling the truth.
Keynes you know. Keynes you see.
Keynes you steal our liberties.
Keynes you know. Keynes you see.
Keynes you cause apathy.
Somehow a debt creates surplus.
This is as crazy as Joseph Goebbels.
Investing in the future’s children
with the money used to feed them.
In this age of universal deceit, the most revolutionary act is telling the truth.
Keynes you know. Keynes you see.
Keynes you burn economies.
Keynes you know. Keynes you see.
Keynesian, I’ll never be.
Track Name: Intermission the 1st: To The Left
Will you ever accomplish anything?
Or simply continue to tread the pointless circle the right claims is yours.
You cannot pander to values not yet held.
You will never change a single mind
until your shared premise of bullshit floods your understanding
like that shit you need to put up your nose to feel good.
Spirituality, culture, freedom and god are all fucking meaningless.
Reality holds no bias.
And subjugation does not wait for volunteers. It does not have time to waste.
It will get into every shallow, superstitious, pretentious aspect
of the ethical void you call liberalism
and shit it all right back in your face as the next pampered fuck you’ll vote for.
Buy another phone.
You can still smell the melted flesh from the Bangladeshi kid
who burned to death in the factory they made the case in.
$2 from every purchase go toward starving kids in Bangladesh.
You’re complacent and it will rot you from the inside.
Because whatever bullshit you accept will thrive on your naivety.
You think this is democratic? Can you feel the fucking democracy?
Can you feel the craft beer and corn oil that you wallow in
as you sip your fucking chai and tell everyone
how little time you spend on facebook from a goddamn twitter post?
Was that shit you just went for organic? Was that sex you just had GMO fucking free?
Who fucking cares? It only lasted for 5 minutes
before you stopped to take a fucking photo of yourself.
Track Name: Bonnie Doon
Bonnie DOon is sinking.
There's nothing we can do.
The housing market's dropping.
And so is Bonnie Doon.
They should've built it somewhere else.
They should've thought it through.
But soon Mill Creek will look like
an upturned Bonnie Doon.
Track Name: Phillipe All By Himself
What the fuck is over there?
I'm going to go check it out.
Holy shit! It's nothing.
Fuck! Carter stole my mic.
Got to get it back.
Going to jump of this wall first.
Fuck Carter Booth.
Jumping off walls.
Track Name: Intermission the 2nd: Ego
Why would all ideas be valued equally?
Those proposing this doctrine are always furthest from following it.
This is who you trust? This is benevolence?
With you and your likeness oppressing the masses,
it’s no wonder things are this way.
Still it persists.
You’re trying to change the system.
You’re forgetting that the system will function according to its composition.
A pile of shit is still a pile of shit no matter how complicated the arrangement.
The mass presumption that changing lives
does not involve changing one’s perception of life.
Your condition is noone’s fault but your own.
Ego frightens you.
Your ethical basis is monstrosity. You try to suppress it in others.
You consider ego an evil while thinking nothing of it.
Your ego is you.
Still it persists.
If you feel insulted, you should.
If you feel impassioned, you should.
If you feel indignant, you should.
If you feel embarrassed, you should.
If you feel sick, you should.
If you feel pathetic, you should.
If you feel empowered, you’re human.
You’re heroic.
Track Name: Shelley Shimozukushichi Aritakachikushi